Suarez, please don’t bite!

As the Romanian team hasn’t qualified for the World Cup, I’m rooting for the underdogs or for the poor  countries.  For example I supported the Ivory Coast only becoz I got emotional and shared a tear along with one of their players, Serey Die, who had a real breakdown and started crying when his team was presented… He was crying as he found out just before the match that his dad had died…


Yesterday I rooted for Uruguay ! In the end, they succeeded to beat Italy and I was thrilled. Me and my friends, we opened the window and started yelling on the street: “Uruguay!.  Hi, hi, people must have thought that we were from Uruguay.;)

Despite the Uruguayan’s weird and nasty gesture over the Italian player, Chiellini, the second half of the match was dramatic and full of surprises. I still don’t know what got into Suarez’s mind in order to bite Chiellini’s shoulder: must have been an atavistic instinct(shrink needed!).DSC_2163

The soccer releases flows of passion, we get nervous or happy, in just about 90 minutes of game! That is what the World Cup does to us!:)


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