A time to live and a time to die!


I remembered the other day of Erich Maria Remarque’s book” A time to live, a time to die”. I read it during the long warm nights of summer when I was a teenage, at the countryside. I was spending the nights reading… I was sleeping until midday.;)

There’s an indescribable feeling to enter into the atmosphere of the second world war period, where love and death blend into a captivating story. The German soldiers are depicted in an interesting way, more like young men involved into a war that they don’t really understand.


There’s a sort of humanity given to the German soldiers that hasn’t been often shown in movies and books which speak about the second world war.


Speaking about Remarque…I also remembered Cezar Petrescu and his novel “Intunecare”, “Darkening”. It’s again about war(first world war this time) and its consequences and the post-war deceived hopes of young people. I love his writing and I still don’t get why he’s not more known(I’m referring to Romania).
Anyway, I miss reading in my mother tongue, that’s what I realize. I guess I’ll have to find some books in Romanian.:)


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