Cutest gestures of the week!


In the top of the cutest things that happened to me this week, I’ll place one of my friends’s message: “Listen to “Riptide”. If I was a hetero and in love with you this sing would remind me of you”.
Thank you, T, you’re my left hand man anyway!:)


Send sincere words of appreciation to your friends, it might help them to get over a bad day!


Simple gestures of affection can bring peace in somebody’s soul…:)


Yesterday I saw a bunch of toddlers around two years old (those kids who speak their own invented language) who kissed a little boy from their group because he started crying as he had fallen. It was really cute to see them showing so much empathy and compassion towards their little friend.
Something we should do more often, us, the adults: giving comfort to the people we care about(aren’t we callous sometimes? I know life is tough, but still…).



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