The importance of being good to yourself !



I was planning on talking with you about something today, and finally I’m gonna speak with you about something completely different. That’s me, you never know in which direction I might take you…:)


You know what? I’ve decided that I’m gonna take you to the countryside! Right now!
If you read this, it means you need it!
It’s time we take a bit care of our souls!

While I could have done many “interesting” things this weekeend( bla bla, it depends on how we define that), I realized that I needed to check the temperature of my heart and the pulse of my soul.


Walk, walk, walk! And then rest on a rock or on the grass at one point, so you don’t become a “walk-in-dead”…


Place your left hand on your solar plexus spot(in the peritoneal cavity, behind your stomach) and the right hand on your heart! Listen, Listen, listen! Listen to yourself!
And then understand in silence how beautiful you are!(Gosh, and this morning you didn’t even dare to watch yourself in the mirror!).


Be good to yourself, caress that little heart of yours! If the crowd around you becomes too much, have the courage to say “No, today, on this beautiful Sunday, I want to be alone! I am not attending to any family meeting, party, etc”.


DSC_2474Take the time to be with yourself! Being good to yourself will help you to be good with the others as well.


You say “I know myself very well”… and yet you’re still surprising yourself, you’re still learning the strings of the bow of your heart. The colors are so different each day that even yourself you can become confused in the rainbow of your soul.


Today I’ve been stupid and I’m not afraid of it and tomorrow I’ll do better, as I’d have already learnt the lesson of yesterday.


And no, I’m not a rock, but a warm summer rain! And yes, I am afraid and my fears are deep like the abysse of the mysterious ocean! And it is allright to be like that! And you are allright to feel that way!

Take care! Go down by the river….


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