This Week’s Bargain!


Coming back from the grocery store, I entered in a clothes shop and I had a crush on a skirt. Oh well, I didn’t have much money left on me from the groceries or my wallet with me(but I wanted to buy it!)…
I went to the seller and asked her: “Hello, I’d really like to buy this skirt, but I only have this amount on me. Can you get me a discount on it?”. She answered she couldn’t(she was having her break time anyway).
So I headed myself towards another seller telling him the same story. His answer was: “Sure, I can give you the discount”.(yay!)


I was able to buy it, even if my sister was convinced that I wouldn’t(“Go back home and get the money you need to buy it!”)…:)
In conclusion, almost anything can be negociated in life, just bring your big smile and stay cool.

Me and my skirt in the neighborhood:)))…Oh, and my dodgy bag full of cheese!;)

Go and have your best bargains of the week!


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