The “How are you”

We receive I don’t know how many “how are you” every day. Yet, I don’t know if this “automatism” has got any meaning anymore. Maybe we should just raise two fingers instead of “how are you”? We’d waste less energy?


If at least people would really care about how you’re doing, really! Just a polite phrase to be told when meeting somebody that you haven’t met maybe for ages and of whom you maybe don’t even care, but you still behave that you do(wow,how cool!).


Some are just curious of how you’re doing in order to compare your “how are you” with their own “how are you in life” (news of marriage, divorce, death, job, etc). It’s the answer that will give them the possibility to check where you’re now situated on their scale of 1 to 10. They’ll weigh you down on their own balance. Even their eyes will be measuring you from top to bottom(“did she put on weight?”, “she seems tired”).


Hello hypocrisy! Hello lack of sincerity!:)

Be as true to the others as you’d like them to be true to you!

“How are you”, by the way? And I really mean it!:)


Pictures from the Rogers Cup, the final!


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