Friendship’s temple!

When I was little I had an obssession for friendship! For that unbelievable bond between two people, who’d go for each other through storms and fire. And I looked for that extraordinary friendship for years. I searched for it like a lost wrecked ship for a piece of land.


First friendship I had , it was around three years old, with my neighbour. Around seven years old, I understood that there were some differences between us, and that he liked being friend  with another friend of ours, a boy(Gosh, I hated him!). Step by step I started being excluded from their games. In order to keep a sort of appearance of friendship, I thought I had to prove myself as being as good as a boy could be. For that I started kicking and fighting with other boys(showing again that I was as good as a boy!), with the price of having some blood drips on the corner of my mouth… But that was not enough to keep him by my side…


(My scary pics…)

Around the age of 10, I attempted another friendship. That time with a girl form my school, in the town I had recently moved to. That proved a failure, as well.

In highschool, I gave the chance to another girl to become my friend. Same story! Everyone else was “better” than me(oh well!), I was too “strange” for her(oh well!). By the end of the highschool she had forgotten of me alltogether (oh well!).


While still looking for that perfect friendship as in books and movies, I didn’t realize that I had always had my best friend by my side! And that was  you, my sister!:)


The ideal friendship has ups and downs. It’s that person who knows you so well, even too well, whom you can trust(no stabbing in the back), whom you can say “I love you” without fearing you’ll get hurt, whom you’ll quarrel one evening and you’ll say mean words that you won’t mean and regret the next day(sharp tongue!)…


But with all that, you’ll still stay friends and that FOREVER!:)


You will wish that person the best. You won’t get envious. And that person won’t get jealous of you. And you’ll just be straightforward and sincere. And, and, and….

Many harmed, disappointed and decieved us, but that hasn’t done anything else than strengthening the basis of our temple.


Many people will evolve around us, many will try to spoil our temple of friendship. But the core of our souls will travel around galexies in the same shape.


And I know that sometimes I’m just unbearable, but I also know that you wouldn’t change me for billions and not even in a thousand years time.


A rose and a song for you, my dear friend!:)


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