In the night…

In the night we see better…the plan to which we’ve been destined to.wpid-img_20140830_222524046.jpg

When the clouds disappear and the sky is lit by the roaring cars…wpid-img_20140830_205416201.jpg

….you find relief in a fiery glass.:)


A boy and a girl stand next to me. Him with a huge plate of hamburgers and fries and her with a glass of beer. No idea why she said she wasn’t hungry and why he decided to eat like a pig anyway…the contrast is there.


But the animals, the pigs are cute, so sorry for my unusual comparison.:)



Thinking about the code of good manners… You have it or not, that’s all.:)


He is reproaching her something. How annoying!


He’s so much “better”than her that he keeps on criticizing her!


One day he’ll regret of being stupid, but it’d be too late coz she’d have already left. IMG_20140830_215721920


I’m glad that I’m not at their table, for sure. 😉


Into the night, there’re so many stories that unfold….


« Here, in every spot, the matter tells something ». Caragiale


In the night, the souls are restless…and so the packages of cigarettes left by a stranger at my feet…


I love this song!Bye for now;)


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