In a mood of superstition!

Again that silent morning, again the sleepy eyes emerging from the depths of the heavy sleep…Last night, I had to put up a fight against a meaney ghost which escaped through an astral gate that I had opened by mistake…Ay!;).


Depending on the country, region or family we were born into, we all have a set of superstitions with which we keep on living on for the reste of our lives.  A superstition is a belief or a practice that is not based on facts or events that can be proven. And yet it never slows down…
(A series of selfies early in the morning with the worst cell I ever had…)

Among the superstitions that I inherited:
* Breaking a glass or a plate= sign of good luck.(I’ve done it this week, I’m waiting for the luck to come:)))

* Dreaming that you swim in a murky water= you’ll get through a period full of worries and troubles.

* When you spill salt on the table or on the floor= you’ll quarrel with somebody.

* You have a headache all of a sudden= somebody gave you the bad eye.

*You dream that you’re crying= something happy will happen to you and vice versa.;)
* You see a spider during the day in your house(poor spider!)= it means bad luck, trouble.
* You see a spider in the evening=good luck, maybe an unexpected guest.
* When you stumble upon something with your left leg= bad omen.;)
* When you have to go somewhere and you realize that you’d forgotten something and you return home= never do that, you’ll have bad luck.:)))
* You dream that you’re wearing a bridal gown= sign of illness or death to come by…

Have I already given you the creeps or what??:))

If not…listen to Tom Petty(love his music!) and watch this really cool freaky video!
Cheers and much love!:)


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