The El Zorab, the Soul and the Devil!

Just a very poor arab who goes to the rich Pasha to sell what he cherished with all his soul, his friend: his horse, the El Zorab. He’s in a desperate situation, as his children and wife are sick and have nothing to subsist.


It’s the story of a poem that was always making me cry when my dad was reciting it(when I was little), the El Zorab of George Cosbuc.


In the end, the poor arab realizes that selling his horse, the beautiful El Zorab to some rich who would beat it and not give it enough love and attention would be like selling his everything, his soul, his heart.


You always have the choice! Even in the worst situation. It’s up to you to choose the ending. Whatever would that ending be, bad or good, know that it is your choice. The “I did that bad thing becoz I had no other choice!”…No, you had a choice and you chose the easy way, the one that was more comfortable for you, without thinking of your soul or of your principles or of the harm that you’d bring to the others.


At the last minute, the poor arab changes his mind and chooses not to sell his horse!


The Pasha gets nervous and threatens to kill him if he doesn’t sell him the horse.


Are you still following me?:)

Then the passionate poor arab decides to stab the horse, the El Zorab…instead of giving it to the Pasha.
And tells the Pasha that now he can kill him as well and throw him to the dogs!
Never sell your soul to the devil for comfort! Better stay poor, proud and have an intact soul! Nothing (and nobody) is worth the price of your soul, of your freedom!
wpid-20140903_103004.jpgA lovely Sunday!


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