The Cocktails in Love!

“I just don’t want to miss you tonight…”

It’s weekend and we don’t want to miss the people we care about! And if they’re far and if we don’t have any other choice than missing them, then I propose you some solutions…

Drink, drink and driiiiink again!;)

I’m about to call all of you to join me to a lesson of “how to make life funnier!”.


Ready?? Coz I am!:)


Take some sun rays with you!

A whole list of cocktails on my wall!


He he, this is serious business, guys!;)



 Let’s begin!

wpid-wp-1410540051715.jpegThe Infinite Blue Love Cocktail

Ice cubes.(Fill your fridge with cold love!)

1/10 liquor Blue Curaçao( Maria Brizard is a good compromise between price and quality).

3/10 Lemon juice(get your lemons out of the cupboard!)

6/10 Vodka

Shaker( you need one! Or just be inventive and shake it in a jar…)



The Red Fairy in the Hammock Cocktail

Ice cubes

A dose of a shooter (I put Smirnoff)

On the edge of your glass put some mixture of Zaatar( a Middle-Eastern blend of different herbs used in the Arab cuisine).

A spoon tea of lemon juice

Fill the glass with Clamato ( a drink made of reconstituted tomato juice concentrate flavored with spices and clam broth)

A few drops of Worcestershire sauce  in order to give the cocktail a salty flavor

For all the eccentrics of my blog= you may add less of a tea spoon of the spicy sauce of Panca

The hands of my friend, Geneviève, the assistant of my cocktails!;)

My Favourite Green Mistake Cocktail

Ice cubes
A dose of cachaça (sugar cane hard liquor)= Brazil’s distilled alcoholic beverage
1/2 Lime
3 teaspoon of Brown Sugar
Muddle the ingredients until you dissolve the sugar.


DSC_2412Have I convinced you

that it’s time to relax? If yes, call your friends and try the Iulia’s cocktails of love!

wpid-wp-1410540176500.jpegLet’s finish on a “dancing” note and make our heads spin around!



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