The SuperGirl!

I thought about becoming Superman this week!

Superman  rarely fails , he flies through the sky and saves the world! Yay!

wpid-20140915_185255.jpg  At present, we’re looking for the superman or superwoman to sweep us off our feet and fly with us in the outer space. If possible, please leave us on a cloud! wpid-20140915_185238.jpg In memorial times(long time ago, but who cares and who remembers about those ages, really?), men and women were meeting in the dim light of some old café and were feeling  so beautiful while holding hands and reciting romantic poetry at the candlelights … Wandering the streets without purpose and speaking about eternity was okay, nobody needed to be perfect.wpid-20140915_185314.jpg

I haven’t heard for a long time from any superman saying about his superwoman: I love her because it’s her and nothing more. I don’t actually know why I love her, I just do. It’s just simple as that.


Now we always have a reason, a goal in love, oh, now  we have really evolved ! Yay!

Nowadays we love somebody for at least one reason: slim, fit, flawless skin, money, fear of being alone, mom and friends on facebook need to see that we’re happy , the enterprise in which we work has to read the reliability printed on our faces! And we’re all going to live eternally(and break some unwanted wrinkles with laser or botox)!


As for myself, I am still waiting for pigs to fly!;)


Image is our best friend! Showing that we’re happy, accomplished, successful: the landmarks of our time! Yet, don’t you dare to show the contrary, as society will judge you harshly!

wpid-20140915_184959.jpg The tolerance towards each other= a relic in a museum.


The understanding of the motives of doing what you’re doing=  an obsolete word in a dictionary.


That’s why I decided to become as perfect as Superman ! I decided to fight against the layers of the atmosphere, fists first, and to even hold you under my arms while defying the gravity and flying so high and so far…(still hoping not to collide against a seagull!).

I’m a SuperGiiiiirrrl!

Who super wants to super walk the super fine and super accurate line of the super indicated road with super me?



Around 40’s, superboys and supergirls are getting tired of their heavily adorned masks, of their too wide smiles on facebook pictures with kids, husbands, wives, dogs, cars and big houses…and they start seeing the true colors shining on an empty horizon…and they’re suddenly regretting of doing what they’re doing…

imageSo I say it’s time to delete the pages of your past life, to stop walking so stiffly straight, to yell in the rain, to make up your eyes in flashy red and to dare looking in the mirror of your reality: you’re not a supergirl/superboy and it’s allright!

wpid-20140915_184954.jpgSo here we have arrived at the destination! Oups, no, we’re still having a lot of road ahead  of us!:)

wpid-20140915_190053.jpg Peace! I’m leaving you for some non super, but free life!(or at least as free as life can be…)wpid-20140915_190057.jpg



2 thoughts on “The SuperGirl!”

  1. Very nice pics of you Iulia! WOW I loved the music with pics too! Very deep messages, it made me tear up. I am already in a weird place right now emotionally/spiritually/mentally after a breakup I initiated. But, even though this was a 2nd chance I was giving someone I could see it was not giving me what I wanted. Most of my relationships have been that way. Why should we settle as women? We shouldn’t. Even at age 55 I still have made mistakes especially in choosing a partner. I have to believe I deserve exactly what I want. Not just from relationships but from life. The stereotype of a strong woman still scares some men. I think unevolved men. Women should NOT be afraid of their own power! Yes, we can be Super Girl, or Super Woman if we want to be! Would anything less be cheating ourselves? Perhaps.


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