The colours!

In September we were starting school…Brr, I was dreading the entry as usual. I didn’t like anything at school, that’s the reality.  Between 6 and 10 I had to always start this month with the typical literary composition that the Romanian teachers were (still) asking the kids to write: “The Automn”….wpid-20140927_123833.jpg
wpid-20140927_123835.jpgEvery year I was writing more or less the same thing as all the other kids(yawn!):
“It’s automn. The leaves are starting to wither and to fall from the trees. The birds have already left to the warm countries. Children start school…”
Thus, one year I decided to change the pattern! Instead of writing about automn I wrote:
“It’s summer. I’m finally not at school anymore. I enjoy so much spending my time far from school. I don’t miss a thing: not my lessons, not my colleagues. I can play with my dogs at the countryside and stroll with my godfather on the fields. We have a beautiful horse, her name is Doina. Godmother is making us some delicious cookies. I want to tell you that I decided to stay here as I am very loved and because they need me.”
Freedom! Society, allow kids to dream(even with the risk of getting a bad mark!).

A few years ago, a married gentleman, so established and honorouble and so happy of his life that even without knowing me he sent me a message on facebook telling me that in a few years time I’ll be great because I’ll change and become like him and his wife.
Mister, the essence of people never really changes! And we are who we are and we don’t need to fit in your pattern, got it?
Happy that there’re so many different colors in this world! Yay!
Happy that we’re not all the same, glad that life’s not that dull!
Happy not to think that I am so perfect in order to preach to the others what it’s right and what it’s wrong!
Happy that I’m not the image on the package of cigarettes to administrate you a good lesson of how to live healthily!


You know why?  Because you all  have the mental strength to live by your rules! Because I think that you will all know what to do at the right time and because that time will arrive soon for all of you!


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