The Three Types of Men


Tadaa! Did you miss me? Coz I did!:)

What are we going to brag about this week? It’s about(stay tuned!)different types of hats, different types of men!


I’ll list three types of men that you have definitely already met and that you’d better be careful about: the Lawyer, the Joker and the Policeman.

I think each type of hat/man deserves a short description, right?

Okay, let’s go!


1) The Lawyer

*He’s the kind of man who’ll boast around about how great he is, how successful he’s become and how extraordinary he is! El ombligo del mundo! The centre of universe(of his own universe, of course!), actually the kind of guy who’ll only defend his points of view as what you think doesn’t matter much. He’ll also dump you sooner or later as he’s “too good” for you!;) That’s what his mommy and some friends told him one day…Very spoiled man who thinks that your desires don’t deserve his attention.



2) The Joker

* He might seem the sweetest guy that you’ve ever met, he’ll sweep you off your feet,you’ll think you have finally touched the moon, but get back on earth, as the moon is too far to reach out. You’ll actually discover one day that instead of him going out with his best friend, he’s actually going out with your best girlfriend(or smth like that). He’ll also manipulate you into thinking that you’re just imagining things…;)


3) The Policeman

* He’s the controlling kind of guy. You’ll actually have the impression that you’re dating the law inforcement officer. Nothing of what you’re doing is good. He’ll try to change you,let’s say not much, just 100% of who you are: how you dress, how you make up, what you eat, what friends you have, your job, your family and of course the air that you breathe!(sometimes he’ll even tell you that you inhale too much air). When you’ll try to have an explanation with him and remind him that he knew from the beginning who he was dating, he’ll say that he knew very well, that’s why he’s doing his best to change you and this for your own good.;) When you’ll leave him, he’ll try to do everything possible to get his victim back.


To be continued on the next post of this week…


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