The Other Three Types of Men+ The Bonus



I had to do guys some justice…though I feel that I am a bit too generous, I should actually leave them boil in their own water…:))) So here’re the other types of men, that I recommend you to meet if you have the opportunity! They’re pretty rare birds, but they’re not impossible to find.wpid-20141004_211800.jpgThe Wonder Boy

* He’s the guy who makes everything possible! When he says that he’ll do something for you, he’ll really do it! Why? Because he’s like that! How? There’s no “how” for him, as he’ll always manage to get what you want.  You’ll hear that your favourite band will have a concert in a few days in your town and that the tickets are already sold out. The next day, the Wonder Boy will come with two tickets at your door and you’ll never find out how he did it. You’ll have an interesting project, but not enough money to finance it. The Wonder Boy will come up with a few sponsors on the list and your project will get to be done and again you’ll never find out how he did it. That’s who he is; a wonder! And you found him! He loves making the impossible possible, as that’s his reason of living and you’ll always live in a wonder world with him: He’s magic!:)



The Non Gescheft

* This is the guy who’s willing to deal anything besides his feelings for you, who thinks that there’s business to make in everything and yet he’ll not trade you for anything. To figuratively explain you about what kind of type of person I am talking, I decided to use the Yiddish term “gescheft”, which means business. So this guy means business a lot in his life, and yet he’ll always have time for you. You’ll actually be the one thing(person) that he’ll not think as a business. While you have shut the doors of your heart and have become all about appearances, he’ll have the courage to open them one by one and reveal you that there’s still love even in this “gescheft” world. He will also not give up on you for a misunderstanding or for a “yes” or “no”.  He’s the guy who learnt the lessons of his life, therefore he understands that you’re one chance in a billion that he wouldn’t want to miss it. Life’s too short to spend it alone in a fantasy world and he’s clever enough to realize it, that’s why he won’t just promise you the dream, he’ll make you live the dream and all that by his side.The classy gentleman who’ll make the fairytales become true life stories!



The Priest

* He’ll  care about how you’re doing and look for those options to make you feel better and more accomplished. You’ll receive every day  a love song from him and a text like: “Good morning, Wonder Woman!” (and he’ll mean it). If he offers you the best holidays of your life, then he’ll offer you the best holidays of your life, as he’ll focus all his attention on you, as he knows how lucky he is to have finally met you. He’s the one who tried all the “creams” made by all the laboratories in this world and knows very well that you’re that  regenerative and youthful cream that every face would dream to test it.  He’s all about persistance, and he’ll never renounce at you. He also knows that life can be a bumpy road with ups and downs and he’s strong enough to face all the hardships just to be with you. He’ll be decided, straight to the point, honest and he’ll mean no silly games. He’ll appreciate you for what you are and be proud of who you are. You’ll feel like always opening your heart as in a sweet confession with no judgemental thoughts at all.


Now I think it’s time to add the bonus  and that is the combination of the all three types of men listed above! A mix, a combo of the three types of men turns into the 4th Type of Man and we should call it the Jackpot Type:  “Only to be with you, I’m just a freak for you!”:) That’s the ONE you should meet!

An old woman gave me her “scooter” for two seconds, so I can take  a picture(see below).


I asked a stranger to take  a fast picture with me in a casino, as I wasn’t allowed to.


Love and care,

Your bragging girl







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