The Big C of Confidence!


wpid-wp-1414207078969.jpegWhat is confidence? No idea, I would say…But let’s think it over for one minute. So confidence is the ability of predicting the course of things, the power to use the intuiton when needed in a given situation. Intuition is something with which we were born with. Yet some of us have it in much more degree than others. Therefore, I’d call intuition the “gift of knowledge”. Confidence and intuition all together help you more than a couple of books written by some guys who think that they know everything about life, relationships, etc.
I honestly think that one doesn’t need to read any book of life in order to get around and succeed in one’s purpose, whether it is love, career or any other project. Live, live, live! Get experience, enrich your background, speak to people, analyze the situations in which you’re finding yourself or those around you, use your intelligence and intuition, and allow yourself to get sometimes vulnerable… add some trust…

(flashy eyes…)wpid-wp-1414206424590.jpeg
Confidence, dear confidence! Confidence in oneself is Self-Confidence. Confidence in one’s path has got three big C’s attached to it: Courage, Charisma and Comprehension.

Surprise the Tree of Life in rest and substract all its wisdom!


Have you ever looked deeply into your own shadow? If yes, have you seen the three C’s? If not, work harder, you might be missing something because of that.


Courage to do what your heart tells you, courage to let go frustration and mistrust, courage to embrace the unknown, courage to be wrong.wpid-wp-1414252978921.jpegCharisma to fool the destiny and to trample seductively upon the thorns of obstacles.DSC_2279Comprension of one’s nature and the others’ intentions.

I’ll be seeing you…:)


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