The Girls of Churubamba are better than Ronaldo!

Today I thought about talking to you about brave women around the world and the Churubamba came to my mind.


In the Peruvian Andes, at an altitude of 4000 meters, the Indian Quechua women are trying to escape the hardship of their daily life by playing soccer.

Sur le parcours du train des Andes Soccer allowed them to do something else besides bringing up kids, house working, laboring the lands and raising cattle. No, they have neither heard about Zidane and his head-butt at the Worlds, nor about Beckham and his underwear’s commercials, as they don’t even have electricity in those remote villages and the closest town lies at one hour distance. No, they don’t play in nice t-shirts and sneakers, but in their colorful traditional skirts and sandals. Each time that they score they’re all happy and they really have a laugh. I found myself watching them on tv and saying: come on Churubambas!

8321594995_8aa65ea533_oThese women are still discriminated in their region and treated arrogantly by the mixed-raced people from their region(mix between the Spanish colons and the Indian population). That explains why they have less funds given by the Government and why they are paid almost nothing for their goods when they go to the market to sell them. They also barely speak Spanish and that’s another reason why they’re mocked so many times. Because of the soccer championship organized in the region and their winning against the mixed-race team from the town near, they acquired a sort of respect and started having a “voice” in their community.

8321595267_35551e2985_o Well, you might ask me, why I consider them even better than Ronaldo. The answer is simple:these women are playing soccer in the Andean Mountains, not for millions of dollars and a sickening adulation, but for PLEASURE and because they’re driven by an unmistakable PASSION.I found their mere joy really refreshing!

8321595417_73fdd00b00_oHats off Churubambas!




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