Towards Happiness!

How many wishes have you written down this year? Three, ten, twenty ?Not enough, not enough at all!

I heard from a person that I appreciate a lot that one needs to have at least 200! Therefore, tonight, I am going to start writing them on a piece of paper and to consult them as much as possible( I don’t want to miss any of them!).

Maroc si Italia 403If you start doing that as well, try not to write the wishes of the others: the family, the society or the husband, but yours and only yours! That is why they are called your wishes! If you don’t really own those wishes, then it is maybe better to wait a while until you will feel ready to own them fully.:)

Maroc si Italia 355

The wish has to provoke you a state of happiness! If you wish to be a lawyer, while you cannot even picture yourself being happy doing it, then maybe that it is not your wish, but somebody else’s wish! Get centred, focused on what you wish for!

Maroc si Italia 196

If I want for example to go on a magnificent holiday, then I need to already see myself there, to already have that state of happiness. Visualise your wishes and do not use the word ” not” when you make up your wishes, ban it, use only the affirmative one: “I want to be healthy” and not “I do not want to be sick”.

Maroc si Italia 386

Be the magnet of success, of good and of prosperity!

Maroc si Italia 391 I remember I went to exams and succeeded them with maximum of points even if I rarely studied for the respective matters, only because of my attitude, I was sure of myself and relaxed. The teachers must have thought that I knew everything …( I just knew that I had nothing to loose, that is all).

(the classic picture of Pisa Tour:))

Maroc si Italia 367

Your attitude means everything in life!

Maroc si Italia 173


Be the magnet of love! There are women who say: “all the men are pigs”, and funnily,  they do always attract and find only pigs! How about saying: ” I am always loved by super guys!”, pam, pam, the change of attitude might make you find only good men.

Maroc si Italia 178

Your guide of questions:

What am I doing here?

Why am I doing it?

How will it be when I will achieve it?

Maroc si Italia 171


Your Iulia:)


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