The Yes!

I was thinking about the upside down process of cheating…Have you ever thought about how many “yes” a person has to say in order to arrive to the finality of the act of cheating?

Let’s count on our fingers! I bet I can count until 10!;)

1. Yes to the insistent look fixed at you.


2. Yes to the naughty smile at you.


3. Yes to the invitation for a drink.

wpid-20150205_205806.jpg4. Yes to the dress you are going to put on.

wpid-20150205_204712 5. Yes to the first touch of his hand on your hand.wpid-20150205_204829 6. Yes to the first stroke of your hair.wpid-20150205_205041

7. Yes to the first kiss.


8. Yes to the invitation of going for a last drink at her/ his place.



9. Yes to the taking your clothes off.


10. Yes to the final act.

The End…

If you come up with other “yes” for cheating, you can write them on the blog.

“Will you still love me
When I’m no longer young and beautiful?”



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