Dear Woman, Sweet Scent…

One of my favourite days of the year is this one: 8th March, Women’s Day!wpid-20150307_204716.jpglove = woman=divine!

I remember my dad being nervous in front of the director of my school, saying: “My daughter can’t be guilty, as she is a flower!” I was 13…after years, the words still ring a sweet sound in my head! We are flowers, women are flowers! wpid-20150307_2112382.jpg.jpeg We celebrate them in spring, because it is during this season that nature comes up to life, and women bring life!

wpid-20150307_2050012.jpg.jpegI was told the other day that I was being a difficult woman( I am, so what?), I was suggested that I should change(no way!), I was said that I was spoiled( I have always been, blame my parents who are still making me breakfast even at my adult age;), and my answer to all that is: Love me, as my flaws make me beautiful!


“Women and cats will do as they please, and men and dogs should relax and get used to the idea.”, Robert A. Heinlein

wpid-20150307_203849.jpgI won’t start naming all the fabulous women of our history, I will just say that I am happy that I live in an era of self-consciousness, where women have their voice in the society and have the courage to affirm themselves.

note: I was pleasantly surprised to listen to a group last night where the singer was having a wonderful voice, “the Open Rays”

wpid-20150307_212257.jpgwpid-20150307_204436.jpgThese carpets remember me of the Romanian handmade “tolici”:) I will put them on the floors of my house for sure, I will call it “The Romanian Corner”;)


wpid-20150307_220450.jpgBe loved, be praised, be respected!


“Dear Otee, sweet scent,

your mouth of woman,

your waist of bride,

where you put your footsteps,

the rivers flow

and the wheat grows!”


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