Gone Girl

I haven’t understood what was the fuss about the movie “Fifty shades of grey”! The box office exploded and women(especially) felt exulted as if they had found the Holy Grail! I still don’t get why! Are they also the ones to preach us about healthy relationships?


I still don’t get what was so extraordinary in watching a movie in which a chick gets submissive and falls for a rich sadomaschist! (I think a poor guy would have had less success in the story…)


The funny thing is that if a normal guy was beating a woman, everyone would be shocked(which is normal), but when a rich pervert beats a young girl with a belt, all of a sudden everything is okay, even arousing!I would actually question myself about my mental sanity if something like that would excite me! What level of frustration one must have in order to be turned on by that?


And the more he is turning her into a slave, the more she likes it! He buys her with some gifts, treats her like a slut and she adores it! Really? And all the ladies in the cinema must have sighed of pleasure! If I went to watch it? No thanks, I have better things to do and other movies to watch than this kind of trash.

wpid-20150206_212651.jpgAnd the same ladies, I am guessing, they would be the first ones to give you a speech about feminism and emotional needs!

wpid-20150206_185404.jpgStill staying in the movie world: I watched “Gone Girl”, a pshychological thriller with an interesting twist. And the main actress, Rosamund Pikes was fabulous.  A dark movie about the failures of marriages, infidelity, cruelty, the media’s thirst for family victims and much more. I recommend you to watch it, you might like it as much as I did:)

(a blurry view of a stranger in the night….)



I will end with one of the songs of Bjork’s last album, “Vulnicura” ,which will be released this year: fantastic!






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