We want to smell good!

Take me to a picturesque land, tell me life is like  a photograph! That was the first thing that came to my mind…Where smells  enchant my senses and  where you get under my spells….




Below you have a perfum created for me by my friend Audrey called “A walk in the park”. Her fb page is called “Lavande sucrée” and her products are her own inventions, all created to care and nurture your beautiful skin.


 I told her I liked lemons and it does smell like a garden full of lemon trees:)

wpid-20150403_152137.jpgPutting our boots on and getting on that trip we have been dreaming for so long…


With Audrey and her beauty products.:)

wpid-20150403_152651.jpgAudrey’s Orange soap!Let’s get pampered! Looks like jellyfish:)11035464_1595869020660186_7080635653006328507_n


And all this made me think about water, baths and everyting related to the taking care of your body and soul.

In antiquity we had those magnificent baths that were showing the prosperity of the cities and of the people bathing in them.


wpid-20150403_152535.jpgI have always thought that the Middle Ages were full of dirt and stench and that people almost never washed! The Vikings were known for being “too clean”, as they were taking a bath a week, so you can imagine the rest…But to my surprise, baths were existing  and were used in the Middle Ages, as well, especially by the upper class or let’s say by that specific class which could afford to have those wooden tubs in their own homes or to go to the public baths. Charlemagne loved to take baths and to invite hundreds of nobles to take the bath together.


On the same note, baths started to get less and less popular after the Black Death, the plague in Europe, after the 14th century.

starry sky on the honysuckle soap;)


But we live in the era of water and scents! We can afford to bathe whenever we want! Water can caress our skin, oils can massage our body, soaps can wash even the tiniest germs and creams can get our faces young and smooth. Love it! So we are pretty lucky in the end…at least one thing that we should appreciate! Unfortunately, on other continents water is a mere luxury, I know, I know…


Chocolate balm, yummy!11046832_1593944607519294_4345823380091912267_nHave a special Sunday and take care of your soul and body!

Mensa sana in corpore sano, as the Latins said.( A sound mind in a sound body)




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