My sweet Easter failure!

Happy Easter to everyone!

Late post, but it is better late than never:)

As I am Romanian, well, you guessed right, we have just celebrated the Easter.

I have colored the eggs for the first time using the russet color.You just boil them together, it is simple.


Oh well, I have found out from my dad that the red onions have a pretty toxic pigment(he even knows the name!), so it would be more recommendable for health to use beetroot.

If you want to have money for the rest of the year, put a red egg in the water and a coin and then wash your face.;)

wpid-20150411_160844.jpgI  usually get ambitious during Easter, so I decided to make the traditional Sweet Easter Bread called Cozonac, a pretty difficult kind of sweet, if you ask my true opinion;)


1 kilo of flour

500ml of milk

50g of yeast

100g of butter

3 drops of vanilla

a bit of rum

3/4 cup superfine sugar

100g of sunflower oil

5 egg yolks

3 egg whites

2 pinches of salt

the peel of an orange and of a lemon

200g of walnuts

3 spoons of cacao

11149210_1555490591362370_1250325809_n  Above you have the image of the prepared yeast. You need to heat a half cup of milk(it must be warm, but do not boil it) and mix it with the yeast. Afterwards you put it over the flour and leave it covered in a warm place(like the heater)for around 20 minutes until you will see some cracks.11149164_1555494641361965_1841292402_n  Meanwhile, heat the remaning milk(again, do not boil it). In a bowl mix the egg yolks, the peel of the orange and of the lemon and the vanilla and rum.11134396_1555490001362429_203181843_n (1)

Pour all this mixture  over the flour and yeast. Add the milk.

11116049_1555494008028695_338358292_n 11121310_1555494584695304_909088514_n Looking proud before seeing the result…always a bad calculation;)11118567_1555494194695343_1507305385_n (1) 11118091_1555494361361993_303880318_n Do you have enough muscles? Not really?(mine are pretty weak, must admit it).

Now it is time to make good use of them: you need to knead all this mixture for about 30 minutes!

11139902_1555494141362015_311752049_nYou will sweat, I can gurantee you! Your hands need to be buttered in oil and heated butter. And you keep on adding oil on your hands and you keep on kneading(Gosh, it drove me crazy!) and that for 30 minutes…or even more if you have those so needed muscles for this complicated Sweet Easter Bread.

11134198_1555494698028626_769063161_n (1)

Faux pas: do not add oil and butter in the mixture like in the picture, just butter your hands(pfff, I told you I was too sure of my own forces and forgot to look up the recipe).11132110_1555494764695286_1063075056_n

It should become a sort of non sticky, pliable ball of dough….it was not the case of mine:(11136879_1555495278028568_1733556152_n (1)

Now that the 30 minutes of kneading are over, you may put the dough to “rest” in  avery warm place for another 90 minutes. It actually has to double the initial volume.

11156795_1555495428028553_1668059267_n (1)For the filling I have mixed the egg whites, the sugar, the peel of a lemon, walnuts, cacao, dry red cherries and dry papaya and mango.


Now it is time for the baking: 50 minutes or an hour at 180degrees.

Here is the result!

It looks bad, I know…but the good news was that it tasted great!:)

I will end on a positive note: the looks matter less when the spirit inside is of high quality.;)

11125282_1555496004695162_1553391493_n 11122327_1555485088029587_1258634483_n     11139525_1555485491362880_2062946106_n

Hope you enjoyed your Easter in family and keep on the tradition no matter where you are and no matter how the result of your cozonac will be!


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