8 of Swords!

This week’s tarot card is the 8 of Swords!



The brunette girl surrounded by swords and tied with ropes…

How do I interpret it?

First word coming out of my mind :inhibition!Get rid of it! Behave naturally!

Swords represent our inner thoughts, our mental plan.

If you feel like your hands are tied, like you have no escape, just know that this is only in your head! As you see in the image only crows keep her ropes tied, so basically she could untie herself and then unfold her blindfold, but she thinks that she cannot or she is afraid to try to.

Free yourself away, find the solution! Don’t settle for less, but for the best, so you don’t regret it after…swords might also mean conventions, patterns…what society would say(lets not give a f… about it).


If you look closely, you’ll see in this other image from Rider Waite(the cards that I have) that behind her there is a nice castle. And there is enough space behind her and in front of her, she should just untie the ropes and sneak through those swords to reach out for the beautiful castle-the opportunity.


I wish you a great week! Untie those ropes, enjoy freedom and happiness, as the power stays in your own hands this time. Get out of the house and do those awesome things to each you’re so good at!


Do not just “wait around to die” like in the folky song, just “do it” like in Nike’s campaign!:)

Va pup!(I kiss you in Romanian)




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