Bye,Bye, Month of Love!

What can I say? Busy month! I say it was a decisive one for those who wanted to get rid of all the clutter from their life…That’s what’s Valentine’s Day, isn’t it?(chuckling) The Cleaning Day, so the spring can come in a well-kept soul?

I am offering a Chocolate Man to all those who felt a bit unesay this month. It’s over!(for this year…) His hearts are priceless;)


The 24th, it was the Dragobete Day, the lovers day for Romanians! It’s been celebrated for more than 2000 years in Romania. It is the symbol of the coming of spring and also the symbol of love(birds are supposed to start mating…).

12767582_10153380473244109_977571486_nIt is a lovely tradition! There are a few rituals to be made by those who want to find their soul mates. Also, young people dress in traditional costumes, they pick flowers and then they return home followed by the one who likes them. If the boy is sly enough to catch a kiss from the girl that he likes(and that in front of everyone), then the girl is supposed to date him for one year. Dragobete, the son of Dochia kisses the girls, yay!

Now, let’s see what is your card for this week…Sip your coffee…here we go!


Two of pentacles, ta da dam! Awesome card, I really love it!

You juggle with two concrete opportunities, but you need to choose only one. In my tarot, this is how the card looks like!


It is a great card for career endeavours, for the finanacial plan, anything tangible.

The coins represent the stability, the balance, something that you possess, something that is really yours.

Two is the symbol of duality, so it implies a choice that you need to make.


You have those two coins in that ribbon and you juggle with them in such a carefree manner. Behind you, there are ships trapped in a stormy sea, while you are a on a solid ground playing with infinity.:) Youhooo!


This is a great week for you! Be wise!





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