One More Cup Of Coffee

There’s no amazing news for those who know me well: I love coffee! One more cup of coffee for the road!



It gives me that impulse to wake up in the morning(I kind of dislike waking up early-besides if there’s a special view to see, otherwise, no). So, coffee represents a loyal friend to me which gives me a steamy smile, first thing in the morning. So creamy, dazzling!

1457291319204.jpgI am so fond of it, that I can drink  2 or 3 big mugs of coffee without any regret(I know, I know, it gets the teeth a bit more yellow than the rest, but I don’t make a fuss about it…and it is actually ok if you brush your teeth afterwards).


Morning look, meaning looking sleepy;)


I decided a year ago not to filter my coffee in the modern style, but to get back to the Romanian roots…Therefore, I am not using the machine anymore(it stays there only as a piece of deco), but a simple small pot.




The technique is rather basic:

you heat 2 cups of water(it depends of how much you want to make) in a pot. When the water starts boiling, you add 4 tea spoons of coffee and stir a bit. Then you serve it(easy-lizzy-it rhymes, that’s why-and I like inventing words that mean something only for myself). I don’t add sugar or milk, I like mine to be black.



Perks: the filter kind of takes the flavour away, that is my feeling, while this one really keeps everything in it, it stays pure, natural.


Use some good coffee(I avoid the big sypermarkets when buying coffee), that’s another tip for having a delicious coffee experience.



Apparently coffee helps against alzheimer( if it is not just another lobby dope), besides having such an amazing taste. Then it is also that opportunity to share it with somebody.


I made some pancakes with soya milk and maple syrup as they marry greatly with the Romanian style coffee(my parents used to make the coffee like that since I knew then).


No cards for this week, you’ll need to figure it out by yourself!;))

I should wish you something for this week, right? Take initiatives! Or choose the coffee and the pancake, it is easier, no headaches…


Hugs, Iulia:)












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