Earth, the lonely planet…

A bit of ranting, a lot of random thoughts…some breaks between the lines…some choughing here and there…more like a stumbling…


Sitting at a table with my sister, looking around…so warm that you cannot even eat… all the tables are in unison with the lonely planet… pairs of guys, of girls, yet none of them seem gay, meaning, everyone is alone…Earth, the planet of single people…so we start giggling and analysing everyone…


The table next to us is the only one with a man and a woman(they should be forbidden to live in our world;)). And they talk only from time to time as they have not much to tell each other, until he decides he wants another bottle of wine… And she starts criticising him(he dared to want to have fun!), telling him they should not take another bottle as it is too expensive and the discussion gets more and more uninteresting(Wow! What a happiness!Let him take another goddman bottle and stop worrying of such trifle!)…


I was laughing the other day while reading in the newspaper what people write as announcements. There are people in the metro who don’t have the courage to tell the ones with whom they are flirting that they like them and that they’d like to know them , therefore they send them messages through the newspaper(can you imagine that they even take the time to write the messages and pay the newpaper for their lack of courage?). The messages sounded something like that: “I saw on you on the Montmorency line last night, you were wearing a red dress and had an umbrella which seemed broken, we looked intensily at each other.”:))))IMG_0194In conclusion, we prefer to stay alone of fear to be rejected.

IMG_0180            But hey, I still succeeded to win over the loneliness of the planet and get in anthitesis with its trendy linear direction. I convinced a friend to ask a girl out. He kept on seeing her every morning when he was going to take his coffee and never had the courage to speak to her.


Love could be easy, we just like complicating things.


Oh, I forgot, I discovered a funny Quebecois song, love the accent of the singer, I tried to imitate how he pronounces the “r” of “russe”(without much success). I say I discovered it, coz I am somehow always behind with the novelties, as the song is not that new apparently…living in my own patterns of time…

Take care and have a lovely Sunday!


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