Welcome to the Monkey House!

Lina’s words, the Viet woman to whom I go for my eyebrows, make a sort of dling dling in my ears…She says: “It’s beautiful”…that’s only in her opinion…the ugliest eyebrows that a saloon can make( or almost)! I found her being the best in the neighborhood(imagine the others!!), though I don’t blame her, she does what she can, meaning a very poor job, a few holes here and there…I still give her the tip as she is nice. I usually correct them myself at home:)) I should decide not to go out these days, lock myself for the matter of the eyebrows…nah, I will go out anyway, with holes in my eyebrows;) I can imitate her accent very well: “C’est beau!” I wish she would play in one of my movies just that “c’est beau”…she and the girl who serves me Mexican food at the small restaurant around the corner would be the stars.


IMG_0423Next time I promise to present you the part of neighborhood I am living or let’s say the “key areas”…

The whole world is collapsing while stupid people hunt  pokemons…I guess they invented another idiot “distraction” , not even worth mentioning and yet I am.


I am making these days a  great Caipirinha. When you watch Vikings in front of a Caipirinha glass, the drink turns into that: a special drink for watching Vikings slaughtering other medieval characters, just delightful!


These days it rains on and off…most of the time off and on…wait, I can even see  a nice rainbow out there!



IMG_0562I sit in the metro. A pregnant woman with a huge belly hops on. Only big guys around me sitting lazily on the chairs, none of them is moving. I stand, can’t take that anymore. I say:

“Madam, please sit down, coz there are no men here to offer you a seat! They are all tired, poor of them! In what society we are living!”

An older woman bows her head in approval. Men nowadays…


I turn the pages of the local newspaper, the same crap as usual, 3 pages out of 10 in which they are trying to convince us how a certain religion represents peace, a guy even presents her girlfriend who’s so “different”, everything is just a case of mental illness…and then a tour of the country to convince us all of the purity of it…Next stop, I throw the paper in the recycling bin, show must go on whether I want it or not.

I find that scratching one’s head for ideas does not help! It’s only an urban legend.


In the evening my sister tells me that she imagined how we will get into a hospital in our 80s and how I’ll come from the hall room telling her: “Holy cow, did you see the guy in his 70’s from room nr5? So handsome!”…giggles…so what?


So long! Be brave, sail away and get what you really want! Maybe the candy/love? Stop putting your head under the pillow as you won’t find the golden feather out there!



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