2 thoughts on “PISCES TAROT READING MAY 2017”

  1. Wow! I didn’t know you read tarot! How long have you been doing it for? What a beautiful setup you have(overhead camera, green screen, etc.). I am certified in tarot reading too(among other things), but have to get up the confidence to offer some of my services, because I will be charging money. I will have a website offering health/holistic/beauty products and services(eventually). It has been delayed though for another month(getting all the legalities taken care of). Your reading is right on. Yes, lots of hard work and no one helping me(story of my life). What intrigues me is the love part. Ha Ha! I am basically housebound(with no car, bad back, and have to take a special bus everywhere). I don’t know where I would ever meet anyone. I don’t get out hardly at all! But, after working on myself spiritually, and emotionally the past few years, I am ready to get into a relationship again. I don’t really like to think about it(it makes me sad in a way), so I just concentrate on work. But I so need to have fun! So much hard times in my life(yes here goes the dramatic Pisces part Ha Ha!). Although, I have been feeling much more positive about my future lately!

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  2. Hey Tina! Thanks:) Yes, I see potential for new love over there! But you need to get more motivation to find it. It needs some work;) Get out, make yourself seen!:) Can’t wait to see what you’re coming up with for your new business! Expect a lot of work(but it’s worth it! Don’t give up!).


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