Coming to this world!

Hello everyone!

I was thinking about how I came on this world…

Apparently my mom worked until the very last minute of her pregnancy. She went all by herself to the hospital as if she was going to have a check or something. She told me she woke up one morning  feeling some pains in her back which made her think that I was coming to this world. Thus she headed to the hospital.


Arrived to the hospital, after a half an hour of not much pain, I came to life. She says that she was amazed of how well shaped were the features of my face. I wasn’t a child who was crying and I was sleeping my nights not bothering my parents too much.



Funny fact: my mom is a nurse, so she had gipsy women at the hospital who actually fed me from time to time(hope that they did some good spells on me;) I am guessing that their milk was very good, as I was very healthy. 😉


11328957_1576986142546148_1809333835_nEvery year, I am awaken by my mother at 6.15 in the morning(so early, mom!!!) with the happy birthday song and the same story of how I eagerly came to this world.

11351545_1576981629213266_202272755_n 11259016_1576981839213245_376292627_n


Thank you all for your birthday wishes, I read them all with so much pleasure! Much love sent your way! Be blessed beautiful souls!


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