The Yes!

I was thinking about the upside down process of cheating…Have you ever thought about how many “yes” a person has to say in order to arrive to the finality of the act of cheating?

Let’s count on our fingers! I bet I can count until 10!;)

1. Yes to the insistent look fixed at you.


2. Yes to the naughty smile at you.


3. Yes to the invitation for a drink.

wpid-20150205_205806.jpg4. Yes to the dress you are going to put on.

wpid-20150205_204712 5. Yes to the first touch of his hand on your hand.wpid-20150205_204829 6. Yes to the first stroke of your hair.wpid-20150205_205041

7. Yes to the first kiss.


8. Yes to the invitation of going for a last drink at her/ his place.



9. Yes to the taking your clothes off.


10. Yes to the final act.

The End…

If you come up with other “yes” for cheating, you can write them on the blog.

“Will you still love me
When I’m no longer young and beautiful?”



Towards Happiness!

How many wishes have you written down this year? Three, ten, twenty ?Not enough, not enough at all!

I heard from a person that I appreciate a lot that one needs to have at least 200! Therefore, tonight, I am going to start writing them on a piece of paper and to consult them as much as possible( I don’t want to miss any of them!).

Maroc si Italia 403If you start doing that as well, try not to write the wishes of the others: the family, the society or the husband, but yours and only yours! That is why they are called your wishes! If you don’t really own those wishes, then it is maybe better to wait a while until you will feel ready to own them fully.:)

Maroc si Italia 355

The wish has to provoke you a state of happiness! If you wish to be a lawyer, while you cannot even picture yourself being happy doing it, then maybe that it is not your wish, but somebody else’s wish! Get centred, focused on what you wish for!

Maroc si Italia 196

If I want for example to go on a magnificent holiday, then I need to already see myself there, to already have that state of happiness. Visualise your wishes and do not use the word ” not” when you make up your wishes, ban it, use only the affirmative one: “I want to be healthy” and not “I do not want to be sick”.

Maroc si Italia 386

Be the magnet of success, of good and of prosperity!

Maroc si Italia 391 I remember I went to exams and succeeded them with maximum of points even if I rarely studied for the respective matters, only because of my attitude, I was sure of myself and relaxed. The teachers must have thought that I knew everything …( I just knew that I had nothing to loose, that is all).

(the classic picture of Pisa Tour:))

Maroc si Italia 367

Your attitude means everything in life!

Maroc si Italia 173


Be the magnet of love! There are women who say: “all the men are pigs”, and funnily,  they do always attract and find only pigs! How about saying: ” I am always loved by super guys!”, pam, pam, the change of attitude might make you find only good men.

Maroc si Italia 178

Your guide of questions:

What am I doing here?

Why am I doing it?

How will it be when I will achieve it?

Maroc si Italia 171


Your Iulia:)

The Girls of Churubamba are better than Ronaldo!

Today I thought about talking to you about brave women around the world and the Churubamba came to my mind.


In the Peruvian Andes, at an altitude of 4000 meters, the Indian Quechua women are trying to escape the hardship of their daily life by playing soccer.

Sur le parcours du train des Andes Soccer allowed them to do something else besides bringing up kids, house working, laboring the lands and raising cattle. No, they have neither heard about Zidane and his head-butt at the Worlds, nor about Beckham and his underwear’s commercials, as they don’t even have electricity in those remote villages and the closest town lies at one hour distance. No, they don’t play in nice t-shirts and sneakers, but in their colorful traditional skirts and sandals. Each time that they score they’re all happy and they really have a laugh. I found myself watching them on tv and saying: come on Churubambas!

8321594995_8aa65ea533_oThese women are still discriminated in their region and treated arrogantly by the mixed-raced people from their region(mix between the Spanish colons and the Indian population). That explains why they have less funds given by the Government and why they are paid almost nothing for their goods when they go to the market to sell them. They also barely speak Spanish and that’s another reason why they’re mocked so many times. Because of the soccer championship organized in the region and their winning against the mixed-race team from the town near, they acquired a sort of respect and started having a “voice” in their community.

8321595267_35551e2985_o Well, you might ask me, why I consider them even better than Ronaldo. The answer is simple:these women are playing soccer in the Andean Mountains, not for millions of dollars and a sickening adulation, but for PLEASURE and because they’re driven by an unmistakable PASSION.I found their mere joy really refreshing!

8321595417_73fdd00b00_oHats off Churubambas!



The Big C of Confidence!


wpid-wp-1414207078969.jpegWhat is confidence? No idea, I would say…But let’s think it over for one minute. So confidence is the ability of predicting the course of things, the power to use the intuiton when needed in a given situation. Intuition is something with which we were born with. Yet some of us have it in much more degree than others. Therefore, I’d call intuition the “gift of knowledge”. Confidence and intuition all together help you more than a couple of books written by some guys who think that they know everything about life, relationships, etc.
I honestly think that one doesn’t need to read any book of life in order to get around and succeed in one’s purpose, whether it is love, career or any other project. Live, live, live! Get experience, enrich your background, speak to people, analyze the situations in which you’re finding yourself or those around you, use your intelligence and intuition, and allow yourself to get sometimes vulnerable… add some trust…

(flashy eyes…)wpid-wp-1414206424590.jpeg
Confidence, dear confidence! Confidence in oneself is Self-Confidence. Confidence in one’s path has got three big C’s attached to it: Courage, Charisma and Comprehension.

Surprise the Tree of Life in rest and substract all its wisdom!


Have you ever looked deeply into your own shadow? If yes, have you seen the three C’s? If not, work harder, you might be missing something because of that.


Courage to do what your heart tells you, courage to let go frustration and mistrust, courage to embrace the unknown, courage to be wrong.wpid-wp-1414252978921.jpegCharisma to fool the destiny and to trample seductively upon the thorns of obstacles.DSC_2279Comprension of one’s nature and the others’ intentions.

I’ll be seeing you…:)

The Other Three Types of Men+ The Bonus



I had to do guys some justice…though I feel that I am a bit too generous, I should actually leave them boil in their own water…:))) So here’re the other types of men, that I recommend you to meet if you have the opportunity! They’re pretty rare birds, but they’re not impossible to find.wpid-20141004_211800.jpgThe Wonder Boy

* He’s the guy who makes everything possible! When he says that he’ll do something for you, he’ll really do it! Why? Because he’s like that! How? There’s no “how” for him, as he’ll always manage to get what you want.  You’ll hear that your favourite band will have a concert in a few days in your town and that the tickets are already sold out. The next day, the Wonder Boy will come with two tickets at your door and you’ll never find out how he did it. You’ll have an interesting project, but not enough money to finance it. The Wonder Boy will come up with a few sponsors on the list and your project will get to be done and again you’ll never find out how he did it. That’s who he is; a wonder! And you found him! He loves making the impossible possible, as that’s his reason of living and you’ll always live in a wonder world with him: He’s magic!:)



The Non Gescheft

* This is the guy who’s willing to deal anything besides his feelings for you, who thinks that there’s business to make in everything and yet he’ll not trade you for anything. To figuratively explain you about what kind of type of person I am talking, I decided to use the Yiddish term “gescheft”, which means business. So this guy means business a lot in his life, and yet he’ll always have time for you. You’ll actually be the one thing(person) that he’ll not think as a business. While you have shut the doors of your heart and have become all about appearances, he’ll have the courage to open them one by one and reveal you that there’s still love even in this “gescheft” world. He will also not give up on you for a misunderstanding or for a “yes” or “no”.  He’s the guy who learnt the lessons of his life, therefore he understands that you’re one chance in a billion that he wouldn’t want to miss it. Life’s too short to spend it alone in a fantasy world and he’s clever enough to realize it, that’s why he won’t just promise you the dream, he’ll make you live the dream and all that by his side.The classy gentleman who’ll make the fairytales become true life stories!



The Priest

* He’ll  care about how you’re doing and look for those options to make you feel better and more accomplished. You’ll receive every day  a love song from him and a text like: “Good morning, Wonder Woman!” (and he’ll mean it). If he offers you the best holidays of your life, then he’ll offer you the best holidays of your life, as he’ll focus all his attention on you, as he knows how lucky he is to have finally met you. He’s the one who tried all the “creams” made by all the laboratories in this world and knows very well that you’re that  regenerative and youthful cream that every face would dream to test it.  He’s all about persistance, and he’ll never renounce at you. He also knows that life can be a bumpy road with ups and downs and he’s strong enough to face all the hardships just to be with you. He’ll be decided, straight to the point, honest and he’ll mean no silly games. He’ll appreciate you for what you are and be proud of who you are. You’ll feel like always opening your heart as in a sweet confession with no judgemental thoughts at all.


Now I think it’s time to add the bonus  and that is the combination of the all three types of men listed above! A mix, a combo of the three types of men turns into the 4th Type of Man and we should call it the Jackpot Type:  “Only to be with you, I’m just a freak for you!”:) That’s the ONE you should meet!

An old woman gave me her “scooter” for two seconds, so I can take  a picture(see below).


I asked a stranger to take  a fast picture with me in a casino, as I wasn’t allowed to.


Love and care,

Your bragging girl






The Three Types of Men


Tadaa! Did you miss me? Coz I did!:)

What are we going to brag about this week? It’s about(stay tuned!)different types of hats, different types of men!


I’ll list three types of men that you have definitely already met and that you’d better be careful about: the Lawyer, the Joker and the Policeman.

I think each type of hat/man deserves a short description, right?

Okay, let’s go!


1) The Lawyer

*He’s the kind of man who’ll boast around about how great he is, how successful he’s become and how extraordinary he is! El ombligo del mundo! The centre of universe(of his own universe, of course!), actually the kind of guy who’ll only defend his points of view as what you think doesn’t matter much. He’ll also dump you sooner or later as he’s “too good” for you!;) That’s what his mommy and some friends told him one day…Very spoiled man who thinks that your desires don’t deserve his attention.



2) The Joker

* He might seem the sweetest guy that you’ve ever met, he’ll sweep you off your feet,you’ll think you have finally touched the moon, but get back on earth, as the moon is too far to reach out. You’ll actually discover one day that instead of him going out with his best friend, he’s actually going out with your best girlfriend(or smth like that). He’ll also manipulate you into thinking that you’re just imagining things…;)


3) The Policeman

* He’s the controlling kind of guy. You’ll actually have the impression that you’re dating the law inforcement officer. Nothing of what you’re doing is good. He’ll try to change you,let’s say not much, just 100% of who you are: how you dress, how you make up, what you eat, what friends you have, your job, your family and of course the air that you breathe!(sometimes he’ll even tell you that you inhale too much air). When you’ll try to have an explanation with him and remind him that he knew from the beginning who he was dating, he’ll say that he knew very well, that’s why he’s doing his best to change you and this for your own good.;) When you’ll leave him, he’ll try to do everything possible to get his victim back.


To be continued on the next post of this week…

The colours!

In September we were starting school…Brr, I was dreading the entry as usual. I didn’t like anything at school, that’s the reality.  Between 6 and 10 I had to always start this month with the typical literary composition that the Romanian teachers were (still) asking the kids to write: “The Automn”….wpid-20140927_123833.jpg
wpid-20140927_123835.jpgEvery year I was writing more or less the same thing as all the other kids(yawn!):
“It’s automn. The leaves are starting to wither and to fall from the trees. The birds have already left to the warm countries. Children start school…”
Thus, one year I decided to change the pattern! Instead of writing about automn I wrote:
“It’s summer. I’m finally not at school anymore. I enjoy so much spending my time far from school. I don’t miss a thing: not my lessons, not my colleagues. I can play with my dogs at the countryside and stroll with my godfather on the fields. We have a beautiful horse, her name is Doina. Godmother is making us some delicious cookies. I want to tell you that I decided to stay here as I am very loved and because they need me.”
Freedom! Society, allow kids to dream(even with the risk of getting a bad mark!).

A few years ago, a married gentleman, so established and honorouble and so happy of his life that even without knowing me he sent me a message on facebook telling me that in a few years time I’ll be great because I’ll change and become like him and his wife.
Mister, the essence of people never really changes! And we are who we are and we don’t need to fit in your pattern, got it?
Happy that there’re so many different colors in this world! Yay!
Happy that we’re not all the same, glad that life’s not that dull!
Happy not to think that I am so perfect in order to preach to the others what it’s right and what it’s wrong!
Happy that I’m not the image on the package of cigarettes to administrate you a good lesson of how to live healthily!


You know why?  Because you all  have the mental strength to live by your rules! Because I think that you will all know what to do at the right time and because that time will arrive soon for all of you!

Iulia's bragging over a coffee!