Dreptate, fratie in a noastra Romanie!

1378096_10202049809636180_1041951841_nToday we celebrate the Romanian Flag Day!

The National Romanian flag is a tricolor one. The significance of the colors of the flag are: blue-the Liberty(the sky), yellow-Justice(the field) and red-Fraternity( the blood). 1451451_10202381565129860_1909231321_nIn the late 16th century, the three colors had already appeared on the grants, banners and shields of Michael The Brave, the famous Romanian prince who united for the first time the three principalities: Moldavia, Wallachia and Transylvania.

Happy Celebration! Let the flag be raised high in the sky!

A big hug to Romanians and to all the people who appreciate it!:)

1381873_444436149010418_1117982944_n The Americans in the picture were celebrating with us:)

Imnul lui Stefan cel Mare

Ştefan, Ştefan, Domn cel mare
Seamăn pe lume nu are
Decât numai mândrul soare!1395160_10202380981235263_206258716_n
Din Suceava când el sare,
Pune pieptul la hotare
Ca un zid de apărare!
Braţul lui fără-ncetare
Bate hoardele tătare,
Bate cetele maghiare,
Bate leşi din fuga mare,
Bate turci pe zmei călare
Şi-i scuteşte de-ngropare.
Lumea-ntreagă stă-n mirare,
Ţara-i mică, ţara-i tare
Şi duşmanul spor nu are.


Suarez, please don’t bite!

As the Romanian team hasn’t qualified for the World Cup, I’m rooting for the underdogs or for the poor  countries.  For example I supported the Ivory Coast only becoz I got emotional and shared a tear along with one of their players, Serey Die, who had a real breakdown and started crying when his team was presented… He was crying as he found out just before the match that his dad had died…


Yesterday I rooted for Uruguay ! In the end, they succeeded to beat Italy and I was thrilled. Me and my friends, we opened the window and started yelling on the street: “Uruguay!.  Hi, hi, people must have thought that we were from Uruguay.;)

Despite the Uruguayan’s weird and nasty gesture over the Italian player, Chiellini, the second half of the match was dramatic and full of surprises. I still don’t know what got into Suarez’s mind in order to bite Chiellini’s shoulder: must have been an atavistic instinct(shrink needed!).DSC_2163

The soccer releases flows of passion, we get nervous or happy, in just about 90 minutes of game! That is what the World Cup does to us!:)

Iulia’s mind!

71978_441267089108_5205646_nWelcome in Iulia’s mind!

When nothing is wrong, you feel like writing, when everything is so wrong, you feel like writing. I guess one feels like expressing anything, anyhow, anywhere, anytime. All those who think and feel like me have to know that they’re not alone anymore!

I’m sure we’ll enjoy each other’s company and make this blog a cool place to hang out!

Wish you all a meaningful journey on my blog!:)

The Night of Sanziene!

The Night of Sanziene

This night is a special one for all the girls! Sanziana is the name given to the fairies in the Romanin folkore and also the flower plant called, The Lady’s Bedstraw. It is the pagan celebration of the summer solstice.

Girls should put the Lady’s Bedstraw under their pillow, so they can dream of their future lover. A man who sees the fairies dancing becomes crazy…Ay, watch out, guys!

It is believed that the heavens open up!;)

Are you ready tonight for a lot of magic?47225

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