My Edelweiss!

« There’re billions of dicks, but only a few men on earth »(sorry for the bluntness of my words)…That’s what my Godfather wisely explained me one summer day…:)
I remembered his quote a few days ago, when I had to get my feet back on the ground and realize that there was a lot of truth in it…
So, there’s this question about love, honor, respect or just plain sex…


I actually don’t get it most of the time and I’m trying to understand: am I a pig-headed girl, a dumb, an old fashioned one or just maybe a normal person with legitimate aspirations of pure, unstained love? Hmm, I tend to say the last version suits me better…

While the libertinism in the Sade’s period was still having a sort of message, nowadays, the “I’m a libertine” or “ I’m young, I need to get as much experience as I can” mean nothing to me! If you’re an idiot at 18, you’ll be one at 40, as well! Just a trashy person with no real values in this world.
Libertine means a sexually promiscuous person and there’s nothing to get proud about it. It takes more guts to keep your pants on, than off!
The “I have a girlfriend/boyfriend, but I’m still screwing the others just for fun” reminds me of how low on the ladder of morals, some of us have become…


Getting a bit upset and sad about how the world goes, I went to wet my tomatoes(trust me, it puts the ideas into one place, the dear earth, back to roots!)…

In the garden, I started talking with my neighbor of 74 years old. And got my answers to all the issues that bothered my head and soul. There’ll always be trashy people and knights of love!
She started telling me how her husband has issues with his heart and that they’ve been together for more than 47 years: “It’s not about sex, my dear, when there’s love, there’s more than that! It’s when you look into each other’s eyes even after 47 years and when you know what that person mean, and when even words are useless! As a woman, I know that I have a mission, we all have a mission here, and my mission now is to wake up four times a night in order to put my ear next to his chest to hear his heart beating.I’ll try to help him on his road no matter how hard it will get”.


Sex: you can find it everywhere, anywhere, but love is like a fragile edelweiss flower(go back to the romantic German movement of poetry from the 19th century).


Love is pure and noble!
You rarely find it, and when you do, try not to spoil it!

Two edelweiss:)



Heaven is on earth!


I had to post this picture of Sebastian Stan. It’s like a painting or a movie scene.
In first plan, we have the old little lady with ten thousand lives in her eyes and in the second plan there’s the monastery on the magic hill. The explosion of colors is absolutely stunning!
What can you ask for more?

Heaven is a place on earth! It’s up to us to experience it!

Much love for you all!


The power of muffins!

Whether it’s for tea time or for breakfast or for late evenings, the power of fast and easy muffins be with you!



Here’s a delicious recipe of muffins(I used the same recipe for the muffins and the simple cake, just the shape differed!;)).



8 spoons of flour
8 spoons of oil
8 spoons of sugar
1 tea bag of vanilla
a pinch of salt
1 spoon of cocoa powder
4 eggs
2 spoons of lemon juice
1 and a half tea spoon of baking powder
mixed berries or cherries



Preheat the oven to 350°. First, whisk the egg whites in a bowl and add the pinch of salt. Then add the sugar and continue to whisk it. In this order add the eggs yolks, the oil, the vanilla and the flour. The composition needs to be a bit thicker than the composition of European pancakes. In the end, add the baking powder and the lemon juice. Oh and add the the spoon of cocoa powder in a quarter of the mixture.
I also put a mix of berries and it turned out delicious!



Grease the tube pan or the muffin moulds with butter or use wax paper(it’s what I do).

After letting it for 10 minutes to cool down in the pan, turn it on a rack in order to finish cooling.



Enjoy your muffins and cakes and their power to make you happier!:)

A time to live and a time to die!


I remembered the other day of Erich Maria Remarque’s book” A time to live, a time to die”. I read it during the long warm nights of summer when I was a teenage, at the countryside. I was spending the nights reading… I was sleeping until midday.;)

There’s an indescribable feeling to enter into the atmosphere of the second world war period, where love and death blend into a captivating story. The German soldiers are depicted in an interesting way, more like young men involved into a war that they don’t really understand.


There’s a sort of humanity given to the German soldiers that hasn’t been often shown in movies and books which speak about the second world war.


Speaking about Remarque…I also remembered Cezar Petrescu and his novel “Intunecare”, “Darkening”. It’s again about war(first world war this time) and its consequences and the post-war deceived hopes of young people. I love his writing and I still don’t get why he’s not more known(I’m referring to Romania).
Anyway, I miss reading in my mother tongue, that’s what I realize. I guess I’ll have to find some books in Romanian.:)

Medias and slavery!

What is happening nowadays had been forseen a long time ago…

“non-stop distractions of the most fascinating nature are deliberately used as instruments of policy, for the purpose of preventing people from paying too much attention to the realities of the social and political situation. The other world of religion is different from the other world of entertainment; but they resemble one another in being most decidedly “not of this world.” Both are distractions and, if lived in too continuously, both can become, in Marx’s phrase “the opium of the people” and so a threat to freedom. Only the vigilant can maintain their liberties, and only those who are constantly and intelligently on the spot can hope to govern themselves effectively by democratic procedures. A society, most of whose members spend a great part of their time, not on the spot, not here and now and in their calculable future, but somewhere else, in the irrelevant other worlds of sport and soap opera, of mythology and metaphysical fantasy, will find it hard to resist the encroachments of those would manipulate and control it.”
by Aldous Huxley, 1939

Iulia's bragging over a coffee!